Howard University, United States of America.

Dr Mona OrabyMona Oraby is an assistant professor of political science at Howard University and editor of The Immanent Frame, a digital publication of the Social Science Research Council that advances scholarly debate on religion, secularism, and the public sphere. She is the author of Devotion to the Administrative State: Religion and Social Order in Egypt (Princeton University Press, forthcoming 2024), which examines the claims making practices of religious minorities who seek recognition from a state that ostensibly marginalizes them, highlighting the surprising implications of this desire for religion-state entanglement. A scholar with multidisciplinary and multimodal research interests, Oraby is also the coauthor of A Universe of Terms: Religion in Visual Metaphor (Indiana University Press, 2022), a graphic nonfiction book that, by reimagining the relationship between word and image, proposes an alternative form for scholarly communication.



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