Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Sciences Po Bordeaux, France.

Marieme NDiaye PictureMarième N'Diaye is a research fellow at the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), member and deputy director of Les Afriques dans le Monde (LAM). Her research focuses on the intersections of law, morality and public order from a gender perspective. After working on family law reforms and family justice in Senegal and Morocco, she is now focusing on the debates surrounding the decriminalisation of abortion and the judicial treatment of homosexuality in Senegal. Her research combines interviews, observation and work on judicial archives. She also teaches at Sciences Po Bordeaux and Sciences Po Grenoble. Moreover, Marième N’Diaye is a member of the scientific council of the GIS (scientific interest group) Institut du genre (since 2020) and a member of the editorial board of the journal Critique internationale (since 2017). She has published several articles and a book : La réforme du droit de la famille. Une comparaison Sénégal-Maroc, Montreal, Montreal University Press, June 2016. She has also co-edited two special issues for Les Cahiers d’études Africaines (Women and law in Muslim Africas) and Politique africaine (Anti gender in Africa).

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